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Tennis Team Schedule - 2018




Ladies' Tennis

There will be ladies round-robin tennis every Tuesday starting May 29 at 7 p.m. for a fun, social, non-competitive evening. All ladies interested in the Penn-Ohio competitive league should contact Lisa Lasko at 509-4547 or Diana Edwards at 565-7569. Ladies Team Tennis practices are Monday and Wednesday at 11 a.m. starting May 30. Matches are Thursday mornings from 9-11am. There is a one-time fee of $5.

Men's Tennis

Men’s night is Monday evenings at 6:30 p.m. starting June 4. This is a non-competitive, social evening of round-robin tennis.

Mixed Doubles Tennis
Mixed Doubles Tennis is a non-competitive evening where all levels are welcome. Matches take place Sunday evenings at 6pm.


Private Lessons

Please contact one of our coaches to arrange private lessons.  Prices vary by instructor.

​​​​Junior Tennis
Our tennis program is fantastic! Each year, our program continues to advance the level of play and enjoyment of the game of tennis.  The staff sincerely enjoys working with our kids and adults as well!

Tyro Tennis (5-7-year-old). is class uses special equipment designed for their developmental abilities. Tyro Tennis is a version of tennis designed for children that uses large, slow-moving foam balls, smaller racquets, lower nets and smaller courts. Each lesson will focus on agility, balance, coordination and speed. Racquets will be provided. Students will need to wear tennis shoes and bring a cold drink. Parents of 5 year olds are asked to stay nearby during the lesson. Six half-hour sessions will be Monday and Wednesday at 10:30 am, June 11 thru June 27. Class Fee: $30 Book reservations and pay fee before June 12.

Team Tennis
Few sports can compete with tennis in delivering overall physical, mental and emotional benefits. Teaching kids how to play tennis can also teach them to: develop a proper work ethic; be able to manage mistakes and failure; accept responsibility; manage adversity; learn teamwork; and develop social skills. All these benefits make tennis the ideal sport for kids to learn early in life. The cost of learning on the PSC Tennis Team is less than you will see anywhere else. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn this lifelong sport!

Practices - M/W/Th 12pm-1pm (10 and Under), 1pm-2pm (11/12), 2pm-3pm (13+)

Matches are Fridays, schedule TBD

Uniform Try-On and Registration April 23

We will have a uniform try-on Monday, April 23 at the Poland Presbyterian Church from 5 to 7 p.m. You’ll find us in a room next door to the swim team try- on. You will be able to order and purchase your uniform at this time. The uniforms, which are optional, are the same as last year. You may also register for tennis at this time.

Parents Meeting: June 3
The Parents Meeting with Linda Romeo Desotell is Sunday, June 4 at 5 p.m. in the tennis pavilion. We will go over the team rules and answer questions.

One-Week Pre Season Practice

There will be practice with beginning Monday, June 4 through Friday, June 8.  Monday and Tuesday will be after school from 4-5pm for players 12 & under and from 5-6pm for players over age 12. Wednesday through Friday will be at the regular times above. 

Challenge Matches

We will be working on Challenge Matches June 4 thru June 8. All players will play each other within their age and gender group.  The final day for finishing Pre-Season Challenge Matches will be May 30. The weekly Challenge Matches will be held on Mondays this year with the first one on June 4.  It is very important for players to show up for all challenge matches.